The world’s largest tax lien brokerage firm

At BLOXTrade we provide institutional lien investors access to the industry’s largest brokerage platform.

Our San Juan brokerage floor is where today’s innovative fund managers come for liquidity and market access.

BLOXTrade is the leading competitive, transparent and independent marketplace to buy and sell tax liens. Leveraging our hybrid approach, we combine electronic tools with experienced voice brokerage to deliver efficient trade execution.


Whether you’re looking to actively manage your book, re-balance your portfolio, control redemptions, or liquidate positions, BLOXTrade is built for you.

  • Maximum liquidity
  • Complete control
  • Superior analysis


Whether you’re looking to supplement primary market purchases, decrease due diligence costs, eliminate cash drag, or provide a shortcut to property acquisition, we are for you.

  • Unique investments
  • Objective data
  • Immediate availability

Seller advantages

Liquidity on two levels

Agency Brokerage:
Agency brokerage refers to the process of negotiating the sale of a tax lien blox on behalf of the client
for commission, without taking possession of the assets.

BLOXTrade provides access to the industry’s largest pool of institutional tax lien buyers. Sellers can
choose to list one or multiple blox of receivables as often as they like, and set the terms that best suit

Marketing Making:
Market Making refers to the process whereby a third party will take possession of a blox of tax liens to
give the seller faster liquidity, and then re-sell the blox in the open marketplace.
As risk takers, Market Makers are essential in building depth, stability and liquidity in difficult and thinly
traded markets such as tax liens.

Through our trading desk at BCMG International, BCMG is the first to pioneer the market-making concept for property tax
liens. The net effect is more liquidity for clients, surety for banks, and a more efficient marketplace as a whole.

Understand your asset

BLOXTrade’s analysts work with each seller to assess their portfolio liquidity needs. Upon request, our
seasoned tax lien team will conduct an in depth needs assessment to ensure clients are matched with
the appropriate buyer from our extensive network.

In addition, BLOXTrade runs proprietary analysis on client listings in order to generate a product profile
that maximizes marketability to buyers. We produce a complete blox profile including lien data, portfolio summaries, and independent valuation analysis.

BLOXTrade also offers private valuation and analysis services for tax lien blox not intended for sale
through our proprietary LienAlytics system.

Keep your lenders smiling

BLOXTrade works closely with the industry’s leading senior debt providers to service clients’ tax lien portfolios. Banks are comfortable advancing at more aggressive rates when they know that there is a trusted institutional secondary marketplace for the collateral in the event that something goes wrong.

BLOXTrade is the only tax lien liquidation agent approved by the US Bankruptcy Court.

Clients have proven that establishing a positive relationship with BLOXTrade bodes well for their credibility with equity investors and senior debt providers alike.

BLOXTrade is also often contracted by banks and private lenders to value portfolios in the marketplace.

Buyer advantages

Never experience cash drag again

Unpredictable lien redemptions, a rigid primary market auction calendar, and a competitive bidding
climate can result in debilitating cash drag for levered clients. Ensure that your portfolio remains fully
invested on and off auction cycle by supplementing your primary market lien purchases with secondary
market blox.

Access liens without the travel or acquisition cost

BLOXTrade brokers identify liens held on the books of institutions and municipalities that buyers are
unable to obtain elsewhere, thus offering clients access to unique investment opportunities. These
secondary market portfolios contain liens of various maturities, and allow investors to purchase product
at competitive market prices. BLOXTrade has the deepest pool of institutional sellers in the market, and
our brokers have listed over $4 billion in tax liens for sale.

Purchase between auctions

BLOXTrade provides access the industry’s deepest pool of tax lien sellers. All secondary market liens are
available immediately, eliminating the need to wait for county and municipal auctions in order to
allocate capital.

Our brokerage desk allows investors the ability to redeploy capital from redeemed certificates
immediately, without having to wait for a subsequent primary market auctions.

Buy or sell with BLOXTrade today.

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