Our suite of service oriented companies provides all the necessary tools for governments and tax lien investors to thrive in the tax lien market

Access Terminal

The industry’s preferred tax lien software solution for investors, brokers and data providers. With Access Terminal you can: Research and analyze data, manage your portfolio and trade secondary market liens.  All this in one portal.
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BCMG Prime Servicing

The industry’s leading tax lien servicing platform. Levering BCMG’s service tools and robust data, we cover all the due diligence necessary to service your portfolio; from data gathering and screening to tax lien foreclosure management.
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The world’s largest tax lien brokerage firm. BLOXTrade is the leading competitive, transparent and independent marketplace to buy and sell tax liens. Leveraging our hybrid approach, we combine electronic tools with experienced voice brokerage to deliver efficient trade execution.
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Custom data solutions for tax lien professionals. MapPlus provides access to data necessary to drive superior portfolio performance. Our platform delivers recent photos, satellite imagery, inspector reports, parcel data, and custom analytics.
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Efficient post-trade clearing services. LienClear transfers assets in 50 states and Puerto Rico. Our standardized documentation and recording system simplifies complex tax lien transactions.
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The networking community for tax lien professionals. Tax Lien Talk is the essential conference series for facilitating balanced discussions on economic trends, state-specific political events, and investment opportunities within the tax lien industry.
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Our family of companies provide comprehensive solutions for the tax lien industry.

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