Access Terminal

All Tax Lien Professionals. One Terminal.

Access Terminal is for:

Data Providers

Sell your tax lien data, property information and photos to thousands of investors online.


Track your auctions, manage your assets and analyze investments on one platform. 


Evaluate lien inventory, market client portfolios and execute trades in the secondary market.

Primary Market

Analyze data feeds from multiple providers in one standard format. Visualize your investments through maps and photos.


 Filter and sort by custom criteria. Save preset filters for easy use later.


Create and assign custom tags by lien or portfolio.


View satellite and street level imagery with parcel boundary overlays.

Secondary Market

Buy and sell secondary market lien inventory from multiple brokers on one portal.


Extensive network of buyers and sellers = efficient pricing, shorter trade times, and better execution.


Analyze available portfolios and bid on selected tax liens.

Be your own broker

Apply for an introducing broker seat on the national platform.

Portfolio Management

Enhance your returns. Track your redemptions. Service your liens.


Manage lien redemptions and cash flows.


Calculate relevant metrics consistent with your accounting methodology.

Document Retention

Upload and store documents securely.

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